Get stronger, run faster, stay injury free, and take the guess work out of training with a custom plan built from evidence and experience.

Coaching Options

Consultation (30/60 Minutes)

  • In this one-on-one phone or video consultation you get all your training, injury history, basic nutrition and health questions answered. Nat will personally contact you at the time that works best and send you a summary of the consultation within 24 hours.

Gait Analysis 

  • Nat will review camera, phone, or tablet recorded video of your running mechanics and provide you with a full PDF and images of your analysis.
  • Gait analysis works best with a 30 minute follow up consult.

Basic Training Program

Want to perform better at an affordable price?  This is your program!

  • A full 12-20 week training program.
  • Daily and weekly breakdown of workouts tailored to your training goals.
  • Workouts designed to get you to race day fit, pain-free, and ready to run your best.
  • Personalized strength programming that fits your schedule, injury history, and training needs.
  • Daily mobility drills and dynamic warm-ups designed to improve recovery, prevent injuries, and maximize fitness in LESS training time.
  • A follow up e-mail to make sure your plan fits your needs.

Personal Coaching

Got a big race?  Want a Boston Qualifier?  Get this plan!  You’ll receive everything in the Basic Coaching package PLUS:

  • A comprehensive 60 minute training, racing, and injury history review with Nat via Google Hangouts prior to starting your program.
  • Training Peaks Premium Account.
  • Unlimited phone, video, and e-mail access – 24 hour response window.
  • Weekly training adjustments based on workout GPS and heart rate data.
  • Unlimited mobility, strength, and injury management consults.
  • Access to on-site Physical Therapy coverage for your races in Colorado!

     * Personal coaching packages come with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.*